Look after your people

You’re nothing without the people around you that make it happen. If they’re happy, things get done, the business grows, it just works.

We get it.

Let’s make things simple. Make your life easy. And let’s make it slick…



Running your business’s payroll shouldn’t be complicated, it shouldn’t be rushed and it shouldn’t be a dark art. It should be simple, clear and slick.


We use the best, cloud based software to give both owners and employees total control and clarity over pay and taxes. Gone are the days of wasting time with paper payslips, it’s now all digital and immediately accessible. Obvious stuff really.

Pay your team


One of the biggest panic inducing thoughts a business owner can have is that they forgot to pay their staff. Your team give you no credit for it when it works, but when it doesn’t happen you will most definitely hear about it!


We can remove that burden by making these payments for you. All you’ll see is one single payment leaving your account. Simple.

Access support lines


As a business owner you shoulder the burden for all business decisions – it can be a very lonely place. If these decisions stray into an area that you’re not comfortable with, these can be crippling and a whopping great big drain on time.


Our clients can benefit from support lines that enable you to talk through certain issues, and obtain sound and specific advice from qualified professionals. This includes:

• Commercial/Legal
• Human Resources
• Health & Safety

Employee Contracts


It’s right at the bottom of most business owners to-do-lists, but managing employee contracts is an incredibly important task that may seem insignificant one day, but red-alert critical the next.


We can provide software that helps you build thorough, tailored, professional contracts of employment and employee handbooks with as little fuss as possible. It also provides an overview of each employee, giving you total visibility over what needs to be done and when.