Who we help

We love to work with business of all shapes and sizes across the UK.  If you’re enthusiastic about what you do, we’d love to speak to you.

We do however have certain industry specialisms where our knowledge runs deeper… 


Our experience is rooted in the Healthcare profession, most notably Dentists, Physios, Chiropractors and Osteopaths. Take a look at how we can help…

Dental Accounting
Physiotherapy Accounting
Chiropractic Accounting
Osteopathic Accounting


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Small Local Businesses

Hello neighbour! We’re based in Cornwall and work with small, local businesses throughout the South West of the UK. Sometimes nothing beats knocking on the door to see the crankshaft turning first hand.

We are hugely lucky to live where we do. There’s a host of enterprising businesses that are the backbone of the South West and they provide exciting opportunities for anyone willing to put their shoulder to the wheel. We love to support them.


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Professional Services

Well, we’re a bit like you really. You work hard day-in, day-out to provide one hell of a service to your clients. Yes, the core product is different, but whether we’re working with architects, engineers, recruitment companies or management consultants, we’re in your corner to help you nail those financials so you can focus on doing what you do best.


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Creatives & Media

We work with a diverse array of creative and media businesses, ranging from small copy writers to far-reaching marketing agencies.

We like to think it’s a common misconception that accountants lack creativity and innovation. OK, sometimes that’s bang on, but we believe that they should be great bedfellows. A yin to your yang.


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In an ever changing world, the manufacturing industry has to adapt more than most. There have been more blows dealt to this sector than any other, so if businesses are to thrive they need to keep a very tight grasp on their financials. Two fingers on the pulse.

We help our clients refine their systems to ensure that their data is accurate and reporting concise. There’s very little room for error when margins are tight!


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